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April 2, 2013

2013 Window Redesign Complete!

2013 Window Redesign Complete

Since Timeline’s inception, we’ve tried to offer the best window and patio door for the residential and light commercial markets that we could. Throughout the years, this has meant implementing and incorporating new manufacturing methods and adding options and accessories to continually improve the product line. This year, we’re excited to announce the most dramatic changes to our products in over a decade with the redesign of our entire window line.

Corporately, we adopted the theme of ‘Investing In Improvements’. The theme was meant to be a mantra that could be adopted by everyone from our manufacturing, marketing and R&D departments all the way through to our dealers, builders and even the homeowners. Investing in Improvements is really about how everyone benefits at every level with the improved product aesthetics, increased performance and our enhanced marketing support of the new product.

At first glance, the new Double Hung and Single Hung windows have the most visual changes. Both Hung products now feature a true sloped sill which is sure to please architects that incorporate vinyl windows into a home’s design. The Single Hung frame depth has also been increased to 3-1/4", which match the double hung frame to allow the mixing of product in the design process. The rest of the windows, Casements, Awnings, Sliders and Specialty, have all had their profiles cleaned up for a more contemporary styling and cohesive appearance.

With vinyl windows, a lot of times it’s what you can’t see that really matters with window performance. We didn’t improve the look of the product without having performance goals that still needed to be met. The end result is that the new designs not only look better, we’ve improved performance numbers as well. In fact, our Casements, Casement Studios, Awnings and Direct Sets, utilizing Triple Paned Glazing, are all able to meet ENERGY STAR’S 2013 Most Efficient Program.

When you talk about investing in anything, it’s really about the return you receive from it that counts. For Timeline, we knew that our growth depended on the evolution of our product to meet today’s ever increasing performance demands. For our dealers, builders and architects, it’s about offering value to their customers with a premier low-maintenance product that doesn’t sacrifice style for performance. Lastly, for the consumer, it’s about getting the greatest return on ‘investment’ in a home by incorporating the best performing products available while looking and operating great.

With the introduction of the new designs for 2013, we think making a smart and educated buying decision at every level just became a little easier.

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