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February 26, 2013

Timeline Windows Gain ENERGY STAR - Most Efficient 2013 Approval

Timeline Windows Gain ENERGY STAR - Most Efficient 2013 Approval

By now, ENERGY STAR, is familiar to most everyone.  It’s a program aimed at helping homeowners save money and protect the environment through the use of energy efficient products and practices.  We see the labels on everything from light bulbs and computers to appliances and building materials.  Basically, products with this label help us make informed decisions when buying products for our homes.

This year, Timeline is proud to have several products, including the new Casement, Awning, Studio Picture and Direct Sets, meet the ENERGY STAR’s Most Efficient 2013 criteria.  It’s a new program which identifies products that meet the “leading edge” in energy efficiency.  For windows, this meant that the typical ENERGY STAR requirement of windows meeting U-values of .30, now need to be .20.  Inversely, this means that the R-values of 3.34 now needed to meet R-values of 5.00. 

What does this mean?  It just translates to performance numbers that were really good, now needed to be even better.  Taking R-value (R5) performance to a whole new level is definitely what the Most Efficient program is about. 

For Timeline, the challenge to reaching this premium platform hinged on utilizing high-performance triple-pane glass technology.  It wasn’t just as simple as replacing the glass in the window.  Structurally, the glazing shelf of the sash needed to be widened to an optimum 1-3/8” to accept the triple-pane glass.  The rest of the sash & frame then needed to be adapted to operate with the new glazing shelf dimension.  All the structural changes needed to be done without changing the overall jamb depth of the product so the units can be used in typical frame constructed homes.  Not so simple, which is why it’s difficult for most manufacturers to make.

With ENERGY STAR, it’s not just the initial purchase cost, but the potential savings over the lifetime use of the product that must be factored in when buying an item.  Much like the cost of an Incandescent Bulb compared to a Compact Fluorescent Bulb, the savings payback comes in the form of less money spent through the years.  Choosing your windows now becomes a little easier when you factor in all the benefits and costs.

With this criteria met, it’s just another reason to choose Timeline on your next project.  Not only do you get a structurally strong product backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty, you know that you’ll get energy savings for years to come. 

Learn more about the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient program.



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