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Low Maintenance

Glass is undeniably the most thought about, debated and prevalent component of a window or patio door. Timeline uses double strength (or thicker) glass on every product we manufacture. Heavier glass is more resistant to stress cracks and seal-failures, the leading causes of glass issues. Quality fenestration products always have double strength glass-Timeline always has double strength glass!

Combined with warm edge spacer technology, our glazing systems start showing their true potential. An insulating glass unit (glass, spacer, glass) has a significant influence on the energy performance of the total window. This important factor is why Timeline offers several different glazing choices. Glass can be clear insulated, LoĒ², LoĒ³-366™/Neat®, or multiple obscure, tinted and laminated choices. The newest option, triple-glass, combines LoĒ² with Cardinal 180.

The ultimate choice in glass plus the benefits of two low-maintenance features that will leave your windows clean and protected.

Do you want the perfect ending to our glazing story? Be truthful. Be inspired. Be Unique. Our combination of LoĒ³-366™+Neat® and Preserve® really is a great performing and well excepted glass package. Pick Neat® and Preserve® to simplify your lifestyle during construction and the years to come. Welcome to shorter jobsite punch lists, less trips with the extension ladder and being the envy of your neighborhood. Welcome to Premium Performance glass from Timeline.


A silicon dioxide layer that makes the glass surface ultra smooth and superhydrophilic so water sheets off leaving fewer spots. Add to that a titanium dioxide layer that reacts with the sun’s UV rays causing organic material on the glass to decompose - no manual activation required. Since the sun and the rain do most of the work, windows stay clean longer and are easier to clean when needed.


Features & Benefits

  • Cleaner windows
  • Invisable, permanent coating
  • Reduction in water spots
  • No manual activation
  • Easier construction cleanup
Demonstration of water on ordinary glass versus Neat glass
Ordinary Glass (Hydrphhobic)
Water beads higher on rough surface
of ordinary glass, causing more spots
and greater cleaning needs.
Neat® LoE Glass (superhydrophobic)
The smooth surface disperses water
evenly, removing dirt more quickly
and reducing water spots.


A low density polyethylene adhesive which protects the glass during shipping and construction offering savings of time and money during cleanup. Since it’s clear, it allows in natural light during the building process. Once construction is complete it simply peels off, labels and all. Also, because it contains no harmful chemicals, it can be disposed of with other waste materials


Features & Benefits

  • Reduction in glass damage
  • Easier construction cleanup
  • Inside and outside protection
Preserve film on window
Note: Preserve® film coverage on the glass surface has a tolerance of +/- .25".

Neat® and Preserve® are trademarks of Cardinal IG.