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Glass is undeniably the most thought about, debated and prevalent component of a window or patio door. Timeline uses double strength (or thicker) glass on every product we manufacture. Heavier glass is more resistant to stress cracks and seal-failures, the leading causes of glass issues. Quality fenestration products always have double strength glass-Timeline always has double strength glass!

Combined with warm edge spacer technology, our glazing systems start showing their true potential. An insulating glass unit (glass, spacer, glass) has a significant influence on the energy performance of the total window. This important factor is why Timeline offers several different glazing choices. Glass can be clear insulated, LoĒ², LoĒ³-366™/Neat®, or multiple obscure, tinted and laminated choices. The newest option, triple-glass, combines LoĒ² with Cardinal 180.

The majority of projects utilize standard clear glass, but occasionally a project requires some type of specialty glass. Some uses include blacking out or concealing the view from the exterior of a building, distorting the details of objects through the glass or providing an extra level of safety.  Timeline offers a variety of specialty glazing options designed specifically for the job. Our specialty glass options include: Laminated, Tempered, Tinted, Spandrel and Patterned.


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Pattern 62 Vertical Reed Horizontal Reed Rain Glue Chip


Bronze Grey