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Purchasing windows is not unlike buying other building products. When a question arises, a helpful guide can lead you through common questions such as finishing interiors/exteriors, adjusting a hardware system or cleaning glass.

Our owner’s manual is a user-friendly guide intended to provide information and recommendations related to Timeline Windows and Patio doors. Products tend to look better and last longer with the proper care and maintenance.

Interior Finishing - Extension Jambs

Just as with the exterior wood surfaces, raw interior wood surfaces also require finishing immediately after installation. Timeline recommends painting over our factory applied primer immediately after installation. FirstFinish interiors require one additional top coat. Prior to painting or staining:

  • All wood surfaces must be lightly sanded to remove any dirt or handling marks. After sanding, be sure to clean all surfaces to remove any sanding dust.
  • All nail holes filled.
  • Primed interior – Apply two coats of high quality interior paint.
  • FirstFinish interior – Apply one coat of high quality interior paint.

Because wood is a natural product, variations of wood grain, color or texture may be experienced. Lincoln cannot be responsible for these color variations, and will not consider them a defect. Consult with your paint professional for proper preparatory procedures to minimize these differences. A good quality pre-stain sealer is recommended in order to balance stain absorption between different grain densities of wood. Follow the paint manufacturer’s application recommendations for this process.

Pre-stain sealer, stain and two coats of varnish or primer and two finish coats of paint are recommended.

Improper painting or finishing of your Timeline window/patio door extension jambs may void your warranty.