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Timeline is dedicated to producing the highest quality windows and patio doors on the market. We back our products with a very strong warranty.

Warranty Code

The warranty code is etched in a corner on the glass or the spacer channel between the panes of glass. The code that is etched in the corner of the glass will have an "T" with two lines of numbers above it. The first line will be for the month and year of manufacture. The second line will contain the order number and line number for the particular window. This etching will be found in either the upper right or bottom left hand corner of the glass.

Glass codes found on the spacer channel are located between the panes of glass and would have the date produced (i.e. Dec. 14 1999 TVP) or a six digit number (i.e. 612145).


Warranty code example

Current Warranty

Warranty - 2014

Previous Warranties

For windows and patio doors installed prior to December 2008. Your products will be covered under the warranty that was in effect on the date of manufacture.


Warranty - 2012

Warranty - 2010


Warranty - 2005

Warranty - 2003

Warranty - 1999

Warranty - 1997



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